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Does Cold Stone Ice Cream Cost Much

October 14, 2015
If you see the spectacular progress that Cold Stone has gone through in the twenty-six years of business, you will most likely not believe it. You could very well believe your mind is messing with you.

Undeniably loads of people would still be asking "How much does their ice cream cost?"

Of course, that’s asking the wrong question. The growth they have encountered doesn't come from raising prices for consumers. Rather, it is grown by offering exceptional ownership support and a top-notch product to keep its customers coming back time and time again.

Cold Stone’s Business  System

Locations at Cold Stone get a large amount of assistance from the company, giving them the tools they need to obtain success.

Too many other fast-food companies simply give their owners a “business in a box”. This indicates just about no real training is offered, just directions on what should happen.

Cold Stone is aware that their ownership groups which have a strategy for success and appropriate training can be successful. By giving each new franchisee comprehensive training (at both the corporate headquarters in Arizona and their own individual store), they ready them to make practical decisions that will develop the brand as time goes on.

By supplying their franchisees a solid bedrock of company knowledge, they do more than solely protect the brand. This allows Cold Stone locations to be set up for success from the get-go.

The training program has created sustained growth for Cold Stone Creamery. As a matter of fact, the chain has grown to nearly fifteen hundred sites in a little more than 25 years; which is excellent growth for what is just an ice cream specialist.

Customers Adore Cold Stone

It would be an understatement to think of Cold Stone as just another ice cream shop. They offer product that is delicious and amazingly customizable.

Clients go back to Cold Stone again and again because it is a better undertaking than simply picking out a pint of ice cream at the local store.

Cold Stone's product can't be beaten. A mixture of the rock-hard ice cream most people are familiar with and the soft serve that is sold at other fast food places, it has a texture which is irresistible. The feel of Cold Stone ice cream is just the blank canvas on which the flavors are painted.

Regarding flavor, what is your favorite? At Cold Stone, this inquiry isn’t as easy as it seems. Certainly, the traditional flavors are really good, but that's only the start of the options at Cold Stone.

Upon picking your flavor, you move on to the topping counter, which offers you the chance to make your treat truly unique. There are so many choices that you could come back hundreds of times and never get the same flavor twice – a test many people seem all too enthusiastic to accept.
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